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a film and video production company

a film and video production company

a film and video production companya film and video production company

Remote Post Production Is Here

Get your projects a touch of Hollywood without spending on traveling. No matter where you film, simply reach us and we will take care of your post production workflow from New York, New Jersey and California.

Storytelling is no longer restricted by geographical locations.


Let's tell your story

"Stories can be told in any form. Be it a feature film, a music video, web series or a commercial advertisement promoting a product. 

At Cinemamit Productions, we look for opportunities to tell stories that connect with local, national and global audience."
Amit Sharma 

founding director

"Amit is an amazing cinematographer, editor and visionary. I have worked with him for over two years and he understands my vision and is efficient in getting things done. While at Yahoo News, I have worked through several projects including a one on one sit-down with Charlamagne tha God and several political rallies. It's a pleasure to work with Amit and I look to continue pushing out dynamic work." 

- Marquise Francis  
(National Reporter/Producer at Yahoo! News)

"Amit is a very talented and hardworking editor. One of his greatest qualities is that he takes on the initiative to put together a creative piece without supervision. He loves to collaborate and go the extra mile to produce the best content possible. He is a pleasure to work with as well."

- Leslie Peirez
(Executive Producer at Yahoo)

"Amit joined our Post Team in the eleventh hour and jumped right in. He is a pleasure to work with; a team player who was able to deliver exactly what we needed in a tight time crunch. I happily recommend Amit for his editing skills, work ethic and friendly demeanor."

- Jacqueline Munro Tapp
(Producer VIACOM)

"Amit is one of those people you feel lucky to work with! Beyond the fact that he's an incredibly fast and extremely talented editor - he's always helping bring a piece to life in a way not many can do. He's constantly helping with story ideas and innovative ways to make a piece more engaging. On top of everything, he's an absolute pleasure to work with. I couldn't recommend Amit highly enough!"

- Kayla Jardine

(Reporter & Producer, Verizon Media)


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